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Opera In The Park

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Opera In The Park

Opera In The Park 2005

Opera In The Park - 2005

To listen to selected sound clips push play button

1. Franz Schubert - Zheng Cao and Laura Dahl

2. Sergey Rachmaninoff - Emil Miland and Laura Dahl

3. Hector Berlioz - Zheng Cao and Laura Dahl

4. Gershwin - Zheng Cao and The Harmida Piano Trio

5. Chinese (Ballad) Song - Zheng Cao and Laura Dahl

Recorded live on May 15, 2005
Produced by Sylvia Lowe
Sound Design: Roger Gans

Artistic Director: Zheng Cao
Recorded and CD Mastered by Sound With Motion.

Opera 2004


Opera In The Park - 2004

To listen to selected cuts push play button

1. Habanara - Zheng Cao

2. Lakme - Cao, Foland

3. Torreadore - Ding Gao

4. La Boheme - Nicolle Foland

5. Don Giovanni - Gao, Cao

Recorded live on May 22, 2004
Produced by: Sylvia Lowe
Artistic Director: Zheng Cao
Dan Gleich: Sound Recordist
Post-Produced and CD Mastered by Sound With Motion.

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